Luxe Collection

New for 2015, this luxe collection features a fresh take on classic styles, plus new luxurious and elegant designs. Using premium elements, such as sterling silver, ten-karat gold and genuine gemstones, this new collection will make your graduation truly memorable.


Luxe Styles
Small Signet (L80), Large Signet (L81), Round Signet (L82), Large Classic w/Stone (L83), Round Roped Signet (L84), Large Concave (L85), Cabochon (L86), Roman Numberal (L87), Cushion (L88), Large Roman Numeral w/Stone (L89), Small Concave (L90), Large Classic (L91), Small Classic w/Stone (L92), Small Letter Band (L94), Large Letter Band (L95), Small Classic (L96), Small Roman Numeral (L97), Small Roman Numeral w/Stone (L98), Large Roman Numeral (L99) and Stackables (sold in combo sets of 3)