High school is a pivotal time in a student’s life. It’s full of new friendships, competitive sports, community involvement and of course, a greater education. With so many memories made during high school, which reason made you smile the most during your four years?

1. That one teacher who really gets you

Teachers are the backbone of education. Without them, where would we be? Their impact steers us towards the direction we take into the future. There will always be one or two teachers who you will remember forever.

2. Your Crew

High school is a time where you meet tons of people. Whether they’re classmates, teammates, upperclassman, exchange students, etc., there’s an opportunity to touch so many lives. Lifelong friendships are created here — because no matter where you go after this chapter, your roots are always at home.

3. The yearbook!

There are many reasons to love the yearbook. Filling your yearbook with signatures and notes as soon as you receive it makes sure you will always be able to look back and read messages from best friends, your crush and even special teachers. This is a book that you will keep forever and page through as years go by — remembering who you were during an important time in your life.




4. Friday nights under the lights

Spending Friday nights underneath the bright spotlights cheering for your team is the best kickoff to the weekend. There’s nothing like “gatoring” in support of your team with the entire student section. It’s the one night of the week when the entire community comes together in the fresh air to watch a game of football.

5. Get your groove on

School dances! Who doesn’t love getting dressed up and seeing fellow classmates looking sharp? Homecoming, prom and other school dances are nights that you’ll remember for the rest of your life. Whether you had what you felt was a terrible night or the best time ever, it’s these nights you’re sure to look back on and be glad you experienced.

6. Clubs, activities, extracurriculars

Spanish Club, DECA, volunteering, etc., are good resume-boosters for college applications. These clubs, activities and organizations allow you to explore new interests, gain leadership experience and overall, impact you. Plus, they can be a ton of fun. Join something! You’ll be glad you did.

7. Spirit week

We’ve got spirit, yes we do! We’ve got spirit, how ‘bout you? Who doesn’t like wearing PJs to class? Spirit week is a highlight of the year, especially for schools with a uniform dress code.

8. Community support

Whether it’s a fundraiser, graduation or state championship, community support is something truly special. Everyone coming together to support the students and the school, while taking pride in their home, makes people feel connected and builds bonds of trust within neighborhoods.

9. Senior year

It’s the year of “last” moments. A time when you cherish your friendships, play a senior prank, and toss on your uniform one last time before a game. Participate in Senior Skip Day, attend that school dance and get ready to walk across that stage into your next chapter of life. Take it all in. These days are the fastest in your high school career.

10. Sports, coaches, teammates

Tossing on your uniform with your high school name and logo on it is a feeling of extreme pride. For most students, high school sports are the peak of a student-athlete’s career. You and your teammates have a special bond both on and off the court, field, ice or mat.