Easy planning. Flexible Customization. Affordable prices. JostensPIX is a better way to do picture day, for schools and families.

Why JostensPIX?

JostensPIX is a game-changing Picture Day experience that is significantly easier for schools, and much more affordable for families. Check out our video to see how JostensPIX can benefit both families and schools.

Better For Schools

JostensPIX manages the Picture Day process from beginning to end. Schools no longer have to collect order forms and checks or distribute photos. Jostens handles every detail directly with families through our easy-to-use website. Our well-staffed and professionally-managed photo shoots are designed for efficiency — and put students at ease for their big moment.


Easy To Use

Our simple, online portal provides schools the convenience of uploading student lists and easily designing ID badges.


Flawless Execution

High-tech set-ups and professional staff ensure an orderly, efficient and chaos-free Picture Day experience for everyone.


Hassle Free

No more order forms, money collection or photo distribution. Families preview the photos online and receive their orders directly at home.


JostensPIX Delivers

We handle comprehensive school photo needs, including student portraits, yearbook photos and ID badges.

Flexible. Affordable.

Only What They Want.

  • Buy only what you want: The days of families being forced to purchase photos they don’t want are over. Parents can now preview photos online, customize backgrounds, and select and purchase only the photos and sizes they truly want.
  • Free Shipping: On qualifying purchases, shipping right to the families’ door is free!
  • Free Digital Downloads: On qualifying purchases, digital downloads are also free!

A Great Picture Day Experience

Watch how our cutting-edge technology and professional staff deliver a Picture Day experience that's the pleasure it should be — free of chaos and mistakes.

image JPIX Default Section Better For Families

Better For Families

JostensPIX gives families many more options. Instead of being forced to purchase expensive packages, parents can preview multiple portraits, customize backgrounds, and select only the photos and sizes they truly like. Prices are much lower than standard school photo packages, giving families flexibility they need to capture the special moments that matter.