Capturing the Moments that Matter for K-8

No matter their age, students love to be recognized and celebrated for their accomplishments. Whether it’s creating a sculpture in art class, winning the spelling bee, or making new friends on the playground, Jostens mission is to capture these moments — the moments that matter.

Partnering with K-8 schools around the world, Jostens offers products and programs designed to celebrate what’s important, making the K-8 experience memorable for schools, students and their families. With a wide assortment of graduation apparel and accessories, easy-to-use yearbook programs, school photography services that make Picture Day a breeze, and school planners to help students succeed, Jostens supports schools every step of the way.

That's the Jostens Difference



JostensPIX is a game-changing Picture Day experience that makes it easier for schools and more affordable for families. We manage the big day from beginning to end with our innovative school portal that makes uploading, distributing and customizing photos a breeze. Our skilled, professional photographers know how to get the best out of students and offer helpful tips and resources for a guaranteed Picture Day success.

With JostensPIX, ordering photos is easy and fun. Families can preview multiple portraits, customize backgrounds and purchase only the photos and sizes they truly want.


How It Works

JostenPIX couldn’t be easier.

How It Works

Sign up your school

A simple online portal makes it easy to provide school information, upload student lists and create your ID badge design.

How It Works

Have a great Picture Day

Cutting-edge technology and our professional staff deliver a Picture Day experience that's as enjoyable as it should be — free of chaos and mistakes.

How It Works

Customize your order

Families can preview and personalize their child's photos online, and order only the ones they want.

Why JostensPix?

Jostens understands the importance of looking and feeling your best on Picture Day. Watch how our professional photography staff delivers an experience everyone will enjoy.

Thanks for making school photos easy to order and THANK YOU for letting parents see and chose what photos they like best!

Mom and JostensPIX Customer

Marion Country, Iowa