Different generations teach us different things. Millennials and Generation Z live in the age of social media, technological hyper-advancements, and are connected at all times. Gen X used pay phones, stayed out from dawn until dusk playing with the neighbors, and drank out of the garden hose. We could go on and on about each generation, but it’s already documented in a very special place — a yearbook. A yearbook is a collection of memories that was created during an important time period of life — high school.

So, what do yearbooks mean to you? Whether you’re a Gen Z, Millennial, Gen Xer, Baby Boomer, or the Silent Generation, every generation has stories worth sharing.

Generation z

To us, a yearbook is about capturing the perfect moment. Whether it’s sports, musicals, pep rallies, etc., imagery tells the real and raw story. It's taking these moments directly from our phones to the pages.


For us, yearbooks are about living every moment like it’s the last, or “living your best life.” We strive to do what makes us happy and those moments are represented throughout yearbooks.

Generation X

For our generation, a yearbook is full of our traditions. Whether it’s crazy hairdos, bold style, or iconic music, it’s shown and represented throughout the book. It’s a real time capsule of a bygone era.

Baby Boomer

Yearbooks are full of history to us Boomers. As a generation, we experienced environmental protection, civil rights, wars and moments that established our nation.

Silent Generation

Yearbooks were a new concept for us. We didn’t expect much, upheld our values, gratitude, and had a strong sense of determination growing up. We lived the most “simplistic” life, and our yearbooks were just that. Not to mention, they were all printed in black and white.