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What's the Difference?
Announcements vs. Invitations

What's the Difference?

Some students and families may not realize that there is a distinction between college graduation invitations and announcements. To get the most out of your Jostens graduation products, we want you to be informed on some general announcement guidelines and invitation etiquette.


College Graduation Announcements


College graduation announcements inform recipients of your proud achievement. Ensure that your graduation announcements aren't misconstrued as any sort of unintended invitation requiring action as a result of ambiguous language. Announcements are an excellent way to extend your good news, and when coupled with a personal message, give thanks to someone for their support.


Custom Graduation Invitations


College graduation invitations may serve as announcements as well, but should be used to request someone's presence. This is especially important regarding any public graduation ceremony. Due to limited seating at venues, it's vital that you present clear language to invite guests to your commencement.


By clearly outlining the ceremony, grad party, or simple dinner as well the location and time, your college graduation invitations will help eliminate uncertainty, while ensuring that those closest to you will share in the occasion.


College Specific Options


Our comprehensive selection of school-specific products connects you with the spirit of your alma-mater. Greet friends, family and associates with your school's logo and colors through our college graduation announcements and invitations today!

College Products



Celebrate and share your achievement with college graduation announcements.