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Why Send College & University Graduation Announcements

When to Mail

During this important period in your life, there are many obligations and events that will require your attention. Wrapping-up final exams, attending graduation parties and many other commitments can cause graduation to quickly sneak-up. Last minute planning can result in correspondence that leaves recipients with little time to plan for your celebration.


Avoid the last minute rush of preparing college graduation announcements. Students should prepare their mailing list and begin compiling address information several weeks prior to graduation. Additional time should be allotted if you choose to craft personal messages or invitations to a celebration after the ceremony on your custom seal notecards. Students are also encouraged to utilize return address labels for a convenient, time saving option that adds formality to your announcement.


While it is important to allow your family and friends an appropriate amount of time to acknowledge your graduation in their own way, it is best for them to receive your announcement at least two weeks ahead of time.


Commencement Invitations


Your mailing list may consist of recipients who have impacted your life in a number of ways. By announcing your accomplishment, they may share in your joy and show their pride in whichever way they like. For some, this may include traveling to a graduation party, your commencement ceremony, or a simple brunch to show their support. For those receiving a commencement invitation or a graduation party invite, students should mail their announcements as soon as possible to allow recipients time to make travel arrangements.

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