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College Graduation Announcement Etiquette

What's the Difference?

With proper planning, you can make your college graduation day one of the most rewarding experiences of your entire life. Celebrate this joyous occasion with close friends, family and associates in a manner that adheres to traditional college graduation announcement etiquette.


There are many factors to consider when crafting and sending a college graduation announcement, such as, but not limited to:

  • Who: The purpose of a college or university graduation announcement is to inform recipients of your collegiate success. Be sure to include everyone who has had a positive impact on your life. From college friends to childhood friends, family members, coaches, and everyone in between, remember them as they have you over the years.
  • How: After preparing a mailing list, determine what you would like to include in your mailing. Our college graduation announcement packages offer everything you need to convey a formal announcement fitting of a college graduate. After years of hard work, use this moment to show it off. From announcement inserts to formal return address labels and custom logo seals, ensure your correspondence has a touch of class. Be sure to order a few extra for those names that may have been overlooked in the initial mailing list.
  • Quantity: Jostens includes the necessities to get the news of your achievement to those that matter most. While our basic, essential and deluxe packages offer varying contents and quantities to satisfy your needs, we also offer individual Jostens products to meet individual demands.
  • When: Give your loved ones a heads up. Mail your announcements to allow them plenty of time to respond if they so choose or plan accordingly if they will be attending your ceremony or grad party.

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Celebrate and share your achievement with college graduation announcements.