College Rings

Connected for Life®. Custom Collegiate Jewelry.

Jostens custom collegiate jewelry is designed to give choices to create the ultimate expression of personal achievement and school tradition. At Jostens, we have the capability to reach students, family members and alumni, along with the ability to leverage consumer insights to deliver a custom collegiate jewelry collection that meet your school's goals.

  • Collegiate Rings: Emotionally connect every student to their college experience and retell their story through a college ring.
  • SarahChloe: The New York City fashion jewelry designer meets the most iconic name in class jewelry, collaborating to create custom-designed jewelry with a chic, modern style.
  • Collegiate Tag®: A bold twist on a time-honored tradition. Choose from style, personalization options and accents to make the Collegiate Tag one of a kind.
  • Luxe Rings®: Redefining college jewelry by blending iconic shapes and stones into modern works of jewelry art.

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Parents and students
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