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School customization
Only Jostens lets you match your school colors and include official school symbols on your graduation photo cards. Combine with an official school announcement to honor tradition while still showcasing your personality.
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Jostens Senior High School Graduation Photo Card
Jostens 2019 Graduation Photo Cards
Quality Crafted
You can feel the difference — our photo cards are printed in the U.S.A. using high-quality paper.
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Custom back options

Choose from custom back designs including exclusive school mascot or crest options.

Base Design

Photo and Text

Full Photo

Single Monogram, Crest or Mascot

Say thank you personally

Foil thank
you cards

Add a classy touch and express your gratitude.

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thank you cards

Personalized thank you cards with fonts to match your Official School Announcement.

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thank you cards

A bright and fun way to show your gratitude.

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Senior stationary to match your personality and say
thank you in style.

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