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Jostens Found Class Rings

From time to time we receive rings that have been found and are sent to us to locate the original owner. Our records currently only go back four years and we have the following rings stored in our Lost & Found vault for the original owners to claim. Because of the sentimental value of these rings we are currently looking for the owners of the rings in the list below. If you believe a ring in this list might be yours, please call 1-800-854-7464 ext 17978 for warranty services to give more details.

Name / Inside Engraving
School / Bezel
2014 Taquita Pittman Grenada High School
2014 Aimee Miranda (AM) First Ave School
2014 TLE (Trenton) Chico HS
2013 Katelyn Cachia Dalhousie Nursing
2013 Juan Cabrera (JVC) Tinian High School
2011 Stephany Ramirez Porter High School
2011 Marissa Linder North Kansas City HS
2010 Eduardo Fernandez Warren High School
2008 PAJ Fernley High School
2008 BS North Hampton High School
2007 Dusty Howell Bolivar Central High School
2007 Judith Richardson Calvary Christian School
2007 Justin K Inglet Northwest High
2007 Lupe Gonzalez Silva Crane HS
2007 Nicky Padilla Las Cruces HS Champ
2007 Samantha James Park Hill South
2007 Vanessa Hooks Carver HS
2006 MAF Brito Miami Middle
2006 JAG World Champions
2006 CMM Kellenberg Memorial HS
2006 DCR S (Senior Key)
2006 Spirited Fawn Gray Mtn Portola HS
2006 Tim Mount Melcher-Dallas HS
2005 Sam Rankens Lewis Palmer High School
2005 DES EHS
2005 Sara M Dore Hammond HS
2004 Ashley Rasco Strocke Lewisville High
2004 DMH EHS
2004 Michael Smith Chaska HS
2003 KNJ Jr. Twin Cities Rise!
2003 AMD Townsend Jr HS
2003 Brandon Deal CHS Coupeville High School
2003 Brian Paldey Woodlawn HS
2003 Christie Patrone unknown
2003 Jackie Zuniga Chicago Jr High middle school
2003 Jimmy Chambers Holy Angels Academy
2003 Rachelle Dumas Douglas HS
2003 Marquita Anderson LaSalle HS -- IN
2002 Pedro Marte Public School #18
2002 Barbie JC Carter Hedgesville High School
2002 Jeron Moore Northrup HS
2002 Joseph Legghio Hawthorne HS
2002 Timothy James Grene West HS
2001 Cathy (CGM) Fort Collins High School
2001 Antonio Wade (Thomas Wade) Pearl Cohn Entertainment
2001 Travis D Lee Lenoir City High School
2001   Big Foot Walworth
2001 JMS Clayton Valley
2001 LMT Univ of Iowa
2001 Olivia B Contreras NHS
2001 Seoyoung Advanced Technology Academy
2000 Nichole M Ehret Marquette Mustangs
2000 Mandy Miller W HS
2000 Sara J Smith HHS
2000 Scott Arthurs Fraser Valley Champs British Columbia
2000 Shawn Lewis HHS
2000 VRS Sussex Ave School
1999 Sarah D Hall  
1998 Doug M G M crest
1998 James Hunter chester hs tx
1998 Jessica L Martin L HS
1998 NB chancellor ave school
1998 Russell Anderson Barnum HS
1998 RJ Townsend Jr HS
1997   Canyon Hills Jr High
1997   Townsend Jr HS
1997 KMS Kearns High School
1997 illegible WHS
1997 BB Mckinley School
1997 Caleb Creekside HS (fl)?
1997 CFS Bonner Springs HS
1997 JJP (Jeremy) Ladysmith High
1997 SKD Mount Vernon School
1996 QL Camden Middle School
1996 C A Lee Temple University
1995 JLA Bitburg High School
1995 Anderson Lincoln HS
1995 Carrie S Hain CHS
1995 D.E.D. Oak Park HS
1995 Nabete Andrews V HS
1995 TLG  
1994 Miguel S F Villada KGSM Northwestern College
1993 Brian Thompson Park Hill HS
1993 Jeanette Cruz Superior Arroyo
1993 KLS B Crest (Senior Key)
1993 Stacey Merz Kapuan Mt. Carmel
1992 Billy Morrison SH
1992 KJK GFW High School
1992 Michelle G Los Alamitos HS
1991 Kenneth James Madison High School
1991 C.C.B. Park Hill HS
1991 DAL Cambridge HS
1991 Jennifer McKeever Redlands Terriers
1991 Nicole T Jeong ISA San Francisco
1991 Susan Storey Worland HS
1990 CBB Catholic Central HS
1990 James T Burns FHS
1990 MWE  
1990 M Baker National Champions
1990 Paul Northwood High School
1989 JCV St. Stephens
1989 SWS Wm S Hart HS
1989 Tanya Martin Lutheran High
1988 Christopher A McCaskey Centralia HS
1988 Dwayne Moore Potomac High School
1988 Harold Watertown High
1988 PMR Costa Mesa HS
1987 AML Peace College
1987 DRS KMS
1987 Jong Caecilia Lee University of Minnesota
1987 KAT Hope High
1987 Scott Riverside High
1987 Monique Parks unknown
1987 illegible Erasmus Hall High School
1986 SPC Forest Lake High School
1985 CC Bonita High School
1985 AMC Workman Lobos
1985 AS Pamona High School
1985 LMB Wayzata High
1985 MW U HS
1985 Pamela Anne Thornton C HS
1984 Name Removed Kern Valley HS
1984   Blair High
1984 KGT Northwest High
1984 NAE Texas Tech University
1983 TJH Jo Crest (Senior Key)
1982 Deborah Roberts Eldred Central
1982 Jeff Boronski East Seneca HS
1982 Marcos Lopez  Central HS
1982 Worn Engraving S&S HS
1981 Marcos Lopez  Central HS
1981 Renee Brightman Houston HS
1981 TMC O Perry Walker HS
1980 DCM Imperial HS
1980 GMP Portland HS
1980 KFS Schlarman HS
1980 Roland E Sablan Geo Washington AGANA Guam
1980 SKM Trojans Univ.
1979 Mary J Schmid unknown
1979 Curtis Fischer Kearns High School
1979 CW South Tama County
1979 JDY Fowler High
1979 KMG Nathan Hale High School
1979 MLM McLaughlin HS
1979 PAB Tecumseh HS
1978 JAL St Cloud Apollo
1978 J B Montezuma
1978 L B Central High
1978 MEB Walnut Grove
1977 Mary Ann Grebircz M G
1976 MVH William Palmer High School
1976 illegible Northwest High School
1976 LT S HS
1976 SW Washington HS
1975 MJL Taft HS
1975 RWR or RWB Middletown HS
1974 D B AHS
1974 HG Redwood HS
1974 * R SM
1973 BRH Castle HS
1973 DE P HS
1973 TKH Central Union HS
1972 B Crest No initials  (Senior Key)
1972 CS WL HS
1972 JA T High School
1972 KF VHS
1972 KT Morse High School
1972 PLJ Sparta High School
1971   CCHS
1970 LAH unknown
1970 VGC Glen A Wilson HS
1969 C Charlie Perez Bishop Neumann
1969 G Imperial Valley College
1968 JAH Barnesville HS
1967 DL M High School
1966 GCS Escuela Superior Guayama PR
1966 BM  
1965 KW OHS
1965 SRT NW
1964 RC Winslow?
1964 PH Buena HS
1964 SC Grand Junction HS
1963 SL Hammond HS
1962 NEH East Central HS
1962 GT MS High School
1961 LJK University of Miami
1961 RAB Rocky River HS
1959 FAW O
1959 VMW High Point College
1956 SG SW High School
1954 JP W  HS
1953 BGW CHS
1953 SL PC
1952 BLJ Indian Crested High School
1951 BJC Reynolds HS
1951 JLJ R HS
1951 RLA East W HS
1951 D.F. G HS
1950 BM A HS
1948 EMA Private school?
1948 Harold Robinson James B Dudley HS
1936 ERP worn crest
unknown   US Army Recruit ring
unknown K.R.-5083 United States Army
unknown A.C. 1965-69 Air Force
unknown CS Granite Hills HS
unknown ADG Univ of Colorado
unknown CK Calvin Coolidge HS in DC
unknown DEP Postmaster USA
unknown DSW US Army Infantry
unknown Gary L Sinnett Clyde E Erwin HS
unknown Steven Wood Durango HS
unknown Terry Miller Litton Corp Employee Recog
unknown Brandon J Wackerman Butler Senior HS
unknown CO VHS
unknown   Medical Service Corps USA

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