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Metal Choices

Guide to selecting your metal quality

Jostens offers a variety of metal choices featuring white and yellow gold, Silver Elite®, Solaris Elite™, SunCast™ and Lustrium®. Select designs may also be available in Sterling Silver, ShadowCast®, DualCast® Yellow, CamoCast™ or FireCast™.

White Lustrium®

This Jostens exclusive blend is a durable and affordable silver-toned metal.


SunCast's 23K layered gold coating applied to our base Lustrium metal delivers vibrancy at a value.


A jewelry innovation launched in 2015, ShadowCast’s diamond-like carbon coating adds a rich, black finish to our base Lustrium metal.


The unique, fiery glow coating of FireCast is achieved through a vapor deposition to add the copper-like color to our base Lustrium metal.


Jostens proprietary CamoCast coating features exclusive camouflage designs from RealTree, adding an outdoor flair to our base Lustrium metal.

Silver Elite®

Silver Elite is Jostens proprietary and best-selling premium metal, delivering a bright white luster composed of silver and other precious metals including palladium and rhodium plating for added durability and shine.

DualCast® Yellow

Combining the timeless beauty of 10K yellow gold with the strength of our base Lustrium metal, Jostens DualCast delivers long-lasting elegance in a unique, two-tone design.

Solaris Elite™

Our patent-pending Solaris Elite yellow blend features silver and other precious metals to create a beautiful, brilliant and durable piece of jewelry.


Sterling Silver

Available on select ring designs, Sterling Silver is an alloy of silver containing 92.5 percent silver and 7.5 percent other metals, including copper.


14K Yellow Gold Plated

The Sarah Chloe gold plated styles feature a 14K yellow gold plating over a Sterling Silver base, for an added layer of elegance.

White Gold & Yellow Gold

Nothing stands the test of time like gold, with its purity and durability ensuring lasting value over time. The higher the karat, the higher percentage of gold in your jewelry.


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