4 Easy Steps To Design

Customizing your Class Tag has never been easier. Just follow the four steps below.


1. Choose Your Style

Choose the look of your Class Tag from our metal, Natural Genuine Elements Stones, and birthstone collections.

Choose Your Frame.jpg

2. Choose Your Frame

Frame your Class Tag with your choice of size, color, thickness, and edge — with or without your school’s name.


3. Choose Your Center

Class up the center of your Class Tag to showcase your school spirit, interest or an initial.


4. Finishing Touches

Complete your Class Tag with your choice of charms, chain and engraving.


The Origin of Dog Tags

Dog tags were first intended to be worn around soldiers’ necks to identify their bodies in case the worst came to worst on the battlefields. Soldiers throughout history have worn dog tags or other forms of identification. The first known use of dog tags in the U.S. goes back to the Civil War during the 1860s.

The dog tag at this time was a sturdy material, usually a metal, imprinted with the soldier’s name. That way, their body, and possessions could be sent home to their families. They were used in an unofficial capacity; other identifiers were also used during this time. Dog tags weren’t issued in any official capacity in the U.S. until 1906. They were first requested in 1899 at the end of the Spanish-American War. At the time, they came marked with the soldier’s rank, name, and regiment to be worn underneath their uniform.

They increased in use over the 20th century. In fact, soldiers began wearing two: one to have on record, and one to identify the soldiers’ bodies. All American troops were required to have dog tags by around 1917. Starting in the first World War, soldiers could also note their religion on their dog tags.

The material and shape of dog tags changed over the years, but modern design began during World War II: a silver, metallic, rectangular pendant with rounded edges hung on a silver metallic ball chain.

The Use of Dog Tags Today

In the military today, identification is ascertained through DNA. So dog tags are no longer worn to identify soldiers. Instead, they are worn to memorialize fellow fallen soldiers.

Currently, dog tags also are used for medical purposes. For example, a person with diabetes or a severe allergy might opt to wear dog tags denoting their medical condition. In the case of their incapacitation, an emergency medical technician could quickly know of any medical condition that might affect emergency medical care.

They are also used as unisex jewelry to express your style. They evoke mystery: are they your tags? Or from a loved one? What do they say? It makes the wearer look tough yet alluring.

The Dog Tag Name

So, how did the dog tag get its name? No one knows for sure, but since they were first used for military purposes, it suggests that the military treated draftees like “dogs.” And of course, “tag” denotes identifying information. Others attribute the phrase to William Randolph Hearst, as the phrase was first printed in his publication in 1936 for political reasons. In both the past and the present, a dog tag includes a name and other personal information.

Given the history of dog tags, why are they such a popular way to celebrate high school graduation? Remember how they used to commemorate a fallen soldier in World War II? Well, they are still worn in a commemorative way today: to memorialize the accomplishment of finishing a high school education. That is truly something to be proud of. Wearing it as you complete the next phase of life, whether that is college, travel, or other endeavors, will remind you of all the wonderful memories of high school, and how much you have grown since then.

High school graduation jewelry class tags are also popular because of their style. They are easily customizable and have developed an aesthetic appeal over the years. Musicians, rappers, athletes, and other stars have been seen wearing them, only adding to their popularity.

Show off your style with your own class tag necklace by including your birthstone, your school or team’s colors, a special design, or an inscription. It represents you at this unique moment in time. It’s a keepsake as much as a fashion statement. Class dog tags can be worn under clothes or over them. Under is more intimate as it is close to your heart, serving as a personal reminder of memories made. Over clothing allows you to show off your style. Or, you can hang them in your locker, display them on a corkboard in your room, or let them hang from your backpack.