The Class Locket is designed to capture your school spirit and whatever is meaningful to you — in one stunning necklace. The front side of the locket is engraved with your school name and the backside is beaded, making it a timeless keepsake you’ll love to wear.

4 Easy Steps To Design

We make it easy to customize your Class Locket to commemorate your journey. Follow these four simple steps.


1. Choose Your Stone

Choose a Gratitude Stone from our brilliant selection of simulated birthstone colors.


2. Customize Your Stone

Highlight your Gratitude Stone with your school name engraved in metal, or with a sparkling pavé surround in cubic zirconia or diamonds.


3. Choose Your Charms

Choose three sterling silver floating charms from our selection of over 150. Charms can represent activities, your class year, or words of inspiration.


4. Keepsake Box

Store, display, and keep your locket looking awesome for years to come with a Keepsake Box.

What's Your Story? What's Your Story?

What's Your Story?

Not just any class necklace, our Class Locket is a stunning way to tell your story. Each charm can be chosen to share a different part of you — your birth, your heritage, your achievements or a single word that speaks your truth.