Support Learning Through Video.

Led by acclaimed yearbook advisers and experts, each J-Class includes a short informational video.

Yearbook Organizers and Planners

Every J-Class includes resources to help make yearbook staffers successful after watching the video. These resources will help generate creative ideas and organize them as you work.

Send these questions to the students in your school to gather photos, quotes and data for your yearbook pages. download now

This list of photo and story inspirations is brought to you by Jostens Creative Accounts Team. It is updated often, so check back for more ideas.

view now

Use this sample ladder to understand how a traditional ladder is constructed download now

Use this ladder as an easy-to-create and easy-to-share ladder. download now

Before jumping head-first into planning your ladder, take a minute to complete this worksheet. By beginning with accurate page counts, the job is much easier. download now

This form will help the staff plan for events happening in clubs throughout the year. download now

This form will help the staff plan for events happening in sports throughout the year. download now

Beat Sheets help guide students through information and photo gathering for content in the yearbook. download now

Story Starters jump start ideas on recurring topics. Use them to generate new and creative ideas. download now

There is something in the Jostens curriculum that can answer virtually every problem you can think of. Jostens curriculum is fully aligned to standards, and is easily adapted to your particular students’ needs.

-Jo Powell, Pine Creek High School, CO