Support Learning Through Video.

Led by acclaimed yearbook advisers and experts, each J-Class includes a short informational video.

Independent Practice

Every J-Class includes resources to help make yearbook staffers successful after watching the video. These resources will help students learn the basics of photography

Compare photos to asses what makes for a good storytelling photo. download now

An activity that allows students to practice what they've learned about composition by finding published or online examples. download now

This uncomplicated activity requires students to demonstrate understanding of the rule of thirds. download now

Understand how efficiency can be improved by using Adobe® Photoshop® to automatically crop and straighten photographs. download now

For Your Staff Manual

Many J-Classes offer references that can be included in a yearbook staff manual. They encourage independent problem-solving and communication about processes.

A general reference for rating photographs using a five-star rating scale. download now

Three basic composition tips are shown and explained. download now

A handy resource for what to take when covering an event and tips for how to get the best coverage. download now