Story Starter Surveys

Developed in collaboration with teenagers, Story Starter Surveys are surveys that can be sent directly to students to collect fun facts, feelings and photos for use in your yearbook. Topic range from typical yearbook content, like school dances and sports, to specialty ideas, like face masks.

There are more than 30 Story Starter Surveys to choose from. We'd like to share this sample survey, which focuses on the topic of school dances, with you.

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Jostens customers will have access to a set of free, fully-created yearbook pages designed specifically for this school year. When the going gets tough, deadlines are easier to meet without any effort because schools can use the designs in their yearbook in place of customized content.

I knew that Jostens was a terrific partner, but I had no idea just how hard you all were working to support our programs across the country. Thank you so much for all of your work and effort to support teachers… I absolutely could not do this without you all.

Josh Marowitz, Williams High School, NC