Adviser Recruiting

We’re here to support you while you’re looking to fill key positions to grow the size of their staff. This new printable card with a handwritten invitation to join the staff could be really effective. We also love the idea of posting the social media on your yearbook channels as a way to drive awareness around the amazing skills your kids are learning.

 Yearbook Staffer


Students who volunteer their time and talents this year may intend to join the yearbook staff next year officially. If you offer yearbook as an academic course, we recommend planning your recruitment campaign well ahead of registration. Explain the benefits of participating in a journalism program, including their invaluable experience —something openly recognized by college admissions and scholarship committees nationwide. The videos below outline the high school yearbook experience and showcase professionals who were previously part of the yearbook staff.


  1. Send an e-mail to your administrative staff requesting students they consider strong candidates for the yearbook program. Provide them with a shortlist of qualities for a potential successful staff member based on the role and responsibilities.
  2. Ask your current staff members to suggest friends who may be great staff members based on what they know of the yearbook experience.
  3. Host miniature yearbook workshops to explain common yearbook tasks, explore opportunities and create exciting experiences for potential staff members.
  4. Send personalized letters to students and parents to encourage engagement.
  5. Proudly publish the individual accomplishments and collective success of the current yearbook staff. Consider entering yearbooks in competitions to earn an award-winning reputation.
  6. Create presentations for skills-specific areas like the business, technology, writing and art departments to promote these unique opportunities.
  7. Distribute digital and print flyers at your school for additional marketing. Don’t forget: You’ll want to recruit a diverse staff representative of your audience and the varied interests of your student body. If you can successfully achieve this balance, you will most likely project that in the year’s coverage from a host of varying perspectives.

High School Yearbook Experience & Yearbook Professional Staff Videos