Include Every Student's Story


As School Year 2020-21 was a hard year for most schools, from students to the advisers, to the yearbook experience. Community High School had the ability to let students be a part of their community through Yearbook+. Students were able to use it to tell the story of their school year by uploading up to 10 of their favorite photos as well as submitting pictures of all the sports, clubs and events they were part of throughout the year.

This allowed each of Community High School’s students to be recognized more than ever before. So, rather than being represented by only one yearbook picture these students could tell their individual stories, creating the most personal yearbook ever. The video below shows their yearbook distribution and the reaction of students as they interact with their books physically and digitally.

We all know that one of the most important aspects of yearbook creation is making sure to get every student covered in the yearbook. This coverage shows who was there and what they were doing as a part of the community. The cool thing about coverage in this day and age is that it has become a two-way flow with the introduction of electronics in the digital age. Yearbook+ has allowed the engagement level of every student and their yearbook to be multiplied ten-fold. This engagement results in community building and brighter focus than ever on the amazing work done by the yearbook staff.

Watch the video below to see Community High School and Yearbook+ in action.


Create more connections at your school than ever before. Yearbook+® can be activated anytime during the school year, get started today!