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Yearbook Photo Scavenger Hunt


Quality yearbook photos grab a reader’s attention by telling the story of the year in an exciting and visual way. And as the world of yearbook creation continues to evolve, so does the world of photography. Technological advancements have given this generation of yearbook staffs exciting alternatives for photo documentation.

The Jostens digital classroom provides a wide-range of materials that prepare yearbook photographers for covering an assignment – regardless of their photo equipment.  From introductory to advanced photography resources, advisers can find helpful videos, guides, planners, criteria and rubrics, as well as fun interactive activities like this photo scavenger hunt.

The Photo Scavenger Hunt below combines team building with photo practice and allows students to demonstrate their proficiency with photography and photographic terms. As an added bonus, it may even produce a wealth of photographs to be considered for use in the yearbook.

Using this resource students will collect quality content as they explore the school and taking photos of a wide-range of activities using various photo composition strategies.