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Jostens empowers students to be remembered the way that they want and showcase their unique stories. Unlock digital photos submitted by students from the physical yearbook with the advanced technology of Yearbook+™. Yearbook+ is only available in schools that choose to participate.

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Why Every High School Student Needs a Yearbook
A yearbook is one of the most important records of a school year. But while high school yearbooks are a historical tradition that dates back a long time, not all students are sure of whether they should get a high school yearbook for themselves. To help you make up your mind, let’s look at a few compelling reasons why high school yearbooks matter and why you should order high school yearbooks.

Preserve Precious Memories
A yearbook is a comprehensive record of the entire year of a high school class. It encompasses the crucial events, milestones, and, most importantly, the people who make up the class and make it unique. It also serves as a compilation of the teachers and staff who made your high school years memorable. Therefore, the primary reason why you should consider buying high school yearbooks online is the ability to preserve those memories and carry them with you for the rest of your life.

As years and decades pass, high school yearbooks will remain a constant reminder of the people you shared a class with and the important occasions you went through together.

Show It to Your Own Children
Another reason why you should order your yearbook is that it will be something you can share with your children one day. They will likely be fascinated to learn more about your high school years, including how you looked and what your friends were like.

Having a permanent record of what you were like in high school can be an enriching experience for you and your future children, which you can cherish together for generations.

Keep Track of Former Classmates
When you graduate high school, you may remain close with a few of the people you went to school with. But for the most part, the others will eventually become strangers, making it hard to remember who they were or check how they’re doing after some years have passed.

But if you order yearbooks online, you will have a permanent record of everyone you went to school with and can have a treasured memento of the times you spent with them.

Part of the Student’s History
Finally, a great reason to purchase high school yearbooks is to preserve a permanent record of an essential period in your or your child’s life. High school is usually a crucial time for students, one that typically encompasses many of the formative experiences that shape who they are going to become.

Having a high school yearbook can be a great reminder of the growth and transformation that took place during those years, allowing parents and children to have a true record of this important time.