Customize Your Yearbook. Make a work of art.

Yearbooks bring people together.

Since 1845, yearbooks have highlighted years and captured memories. They chronicle events that shape memories, and illuminate moments that define relationships. Yearbooks celebrate the experiences, activities, and people that make the year unforgettable. And Jostens is a yearbook company that helps your high school embrace all of the events and moments that create the most memorable yearbook possible.

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Printed memory gallery.
A Yearbook is a lot more. It’s a printed memory gallery – of friends, teachers, big moments, little smiles, and stories you want to hold. Yearbooks are physical works of art that share the memorable laughs, events, and traditions that bring your story to life.

Stories of the year.
Yearbooks are printed storybooks with vibrant colors, candid photos, and rich illustrations of the people and stories you have experienced. They are the result of the creativity and personality of your class. Yearbooks spark conversation and provoke signatures. They receive handwritten wishes and carry emotional goodbyes.

Educating life skills.
Yearbooks also teach real world skills for those involved in their creation. The impact they have on students, faculty, and staff is inclusive. Educational. Uplifting. They bring people together during every stage, from concept to completion. And long after.

We’re proud to offer limited edition Yearbooks because we believe in the power of storytelling.

Customize your yearbook.

Every book can be a reflection of who you are with a wide variety of options to help you customize your book.


Give it a personal touch with our new contemporary crest and monogram design options for the cover. Or, add up to four affiliation icons with accompanying text such as your student’s name or a favorite phrase. It’s a great way to make something special even better. Check with your adviser on which personalization designs your school offers.

Yearbook Recognition Ads

Yearbook Recognition Ads are a lasting way for parents to show their pride and help raise funds for the yearbook book program. It’s a great tradition. Learn more.


Yearbook accessories packaged in three convenient offerings that provide students ways to personalize their yearbook

Personalize It – for elementary-age students
  • Ability to foil stamp your name on the yearbook cover
  • 12 fun phrase stickers for use within the book
Signature Package – for any age group
  • Foil stamp your name and one affiliation icon on your cover
  • An 8-page full color autograph section provides additional room for friends’ messages
  • Four signature pens
  • Photo Pocket sheet provides five repositionable holders for photos, tickets, clippings and other mementos
Deluxe Package – for middle and high school students
  • Foil stamp your name, a favorite phrase and one affiliation icon on your cover
  • An 8-page full color autograph section provides additional room for friends messages
  • Photo Pocket sheet provides five repositionable holders for photos, tickets, clippings and other mementos
  • Clear protective cover that protects your hardcover yearbook from spills and stains
World Beat®
A colorful 16-page section featuring top news stories from the school year including national/world news, technology/science, lifestyle/trends, entertainment, music, sports and familiar faces. This time capsule increases in value with each passing year.
Protection Plan

Your yearbook -- a once-in-a-lifetime story of the year that should be protected.  Purchasing a Jostens Yearbook Protection Plan™ gives piece of mind by providing you with the opportunity to receive a one-time replacement yearbook in the event your original yearbook is lost, stolen or damaged within your lifetime.

The replacement yearbook is available for a reprinting fee, which will be considerably less than the original price of the yearbook. In addition to the reprint fee, there will be shipping and handling fees plus any applicable sales tax.

Note: Although the content of the reprinted yearbook will be substantially the same as the original yearbook, Jostens’ reprinting process may cause the replacement yearbook, including the cover, to differ slightly from the original.

We take pride in celebrating your year, your school, your place in time, and your story. We promise to deliver a Yearbook that brings people together.

We invite you to share stories through a Jostens Yearbook.