National Yearbook Program of Excellence Award

Schools that continually strive to create a great yearbook for their students deserve to be recognized. We understand that a great yearbook program doesn't just happen, and we're dedicated to helping schools strengthen theirs.

The National Yearbook Program of Excellence Award has been created to recognize those who excel in the creation and distribution of their yearbook, and meet the following criteria:

A Meaningful Book for All Students
A book that means something to all students and includes a vast majority of the student body.

A Book in Every Student's Hands
Schools put so much time, effort and love into their yearbook. We want to help ensure that as many students as possible get to enjoy the masterpiece that's created.

Effective Project Management
Meeting the yearbook deadlines is a very important part of the yearbook creation process, and ensures the delivery of books on time.

We're proud to announce this year's achievers of the National Yearbook Program of Excellence Award:

2020 Achievers

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