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High School to College Transition: Small Steps for Success

As you get further and further into Senior year, you may notice your kid getting less and less motivated. It's important to keep on top of them, especially in the college application process.

You can use these four tips to help your Senior with their college application process:

One: The Last-Minute Boost

Stand out from the rest of the applicants by performing better than ever in classes and involving themselves in extracurricular activities. Which by the way, having you kid expand their world by involving themselves in an activity that is new is a great way to broaden their horizons.

Two: Show Them Your Interest

When making campus visits, sit in on a class. Meet with academic advisors in the major you are interested in. Meet with admission officers. Ask to stay overnight in a dorm. College aren't just looking at scores and grades, they want committed incoming students.

Three: Organize and Construct Those Applications

Application deadlines are as soon as October. Have your kid reach out to teachers or coaches for letters of recommendation now. When starting the essay process, find inspiration from writing styles you enjoy reading. It's also a good time for them to start or put the finishing touches on their portfolio (if they need one for their next steps).

Four: Find Those Benjamins

With plenty of scholarships deadlines in the fall, it’s never too soon to start your scholarship search. Think outside the box, there are plenty of non-academic scholarships to look into as well as the national mainstream ones. Other places to have your kid inquire for scholarship opportunities given by the high school as well, or even opportunities in the town you live in.

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