Grad Party Planning - 1, 2, 3... Start

In a couple months your Senior will be walking up to get their diploma. Graduation day is coming soon... as well as their grad party. If this is your first, or even if it’s not, you probably have questions about where to begin with the party planning.

Here are three important steps towards grad party success:

The Date, Time And Place

Determining the date, time and place is the very first items you’ll need to figure out. This is especially important if you plan on hosting the grad party at a place other than your own home. If you’re looking to rent a space, have that be the first to do you work on to make sure you secure the location you and your Senior want.

INSIDER TIP: Something to think about is scheduling your Senior’s grad party as early as possible. This usually ensures the most attendance and gives you the added bonus of being done upfront and able to enjoy the rest of your summer.

The Menu

Next big decision is what kind of food and beverages you’ll be serving. Look to your budget to determine what the best approach will be, it can be anything from having family and friends bringing dishes for a pot luck to hiring a professional catering company. Ask your Senior what kind of menu they’d like to have at their party. You never know, ordering a bunch of pizzas might be something they’d absolutely love (and super simple for you).

INSIDER TIP: Enlist close friends and/or family to help keep the food replenished and the beverages stocked for the entire duration of the grad party. This will leave you free to mingle with guests and enjoy t he day.

The Invitations

Usually invitations for grad parties should be sent out at least 14 days ahead of the event. Get started on your invite list now and put your order in soon for the type of invitation you want to send out.

INSIDER TIP: The number one question your Senior will get is ‘what are your plans after high school’. Create a ‘two birds with one stone’ situation with a Next Step Photo Card. This Photo Card allows you to share grad party details as well as communicate what their next steps will be to family and friends.

If you get these three to do’s now, you’ll be well on your way to Grad Party success. Look to the April edition of the Grad Club to read the next installment in our Grad Party Planning series.