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Fantasy League Jewelry is available in a variety of metal choices including white and yellow gold, Silver Elite®, Solaris Elite™ and Lustrium®. 


Jostens offers gold in 2 colors and 2 karat qualities:

  • Yellow Gold - Because of its durability and lasting value over time, gold is a wise investment. Gold has been the standard for jewelry for over 4000 years.
  • White Gold* - Has the same lasting qualities and value as yellow gold, but different metal.
  • Metal Purities
    • 14K: 58.5% pure gold, 41.5% metal allow
    • 10K: 41.7% pure gold, 58.3% metal allow
Silver Elite®

A precious metal alloy primarily composed of silver with elements of palladium and gold, coated with a rhodium plating.

Rhodium Plating - A member of the Platinum metals group. Rhodium is a silvery, metallic colored precious metal. It is an extremely hard material and is highly resistant to corrosion and it is used extensively in the fine jewelry industry. Rhodium provides protection for Silver Elite®, coating it to help prevent tarnish and scratches. It is very durable and prevents skin oil from dulling the ring. Rhodium is most commonly plated on white gold and sterling silver jewelry.

Solaris Elite®

This radiant yellow 6K metal alloy is beautiful and affordable. We've combined durability and affordability to create our exclusive yellow 6K alloy.


A non-precious metal alloy that is silver in color. It is a hard metal and fairly durable, but does not have the same value and characteristics as gold. Lustrium® will react to oxygen and thus may require additional care and cleaning.

Yellow Lustrium®*

Same characteristics as Lustrium®, but yellow in color because of coating with 23 karat yellow gold.

*Nickel is included in the following metal mixes: Lustrium®, Yellow Lustrium®, and all white gold.

You can further personalize your ring by having engraving added to the inside of your ring. If you don't want your own name inscribed on the ring, we suggest "Your Team Name" as an option.

Jostens reserves the right to refuse any and all orders containing offensive or inappropriate language as determined by Jostens.

Manufacturing & Delivery

Typical production time for Fantasy League Rings and Jewelry is 6-8 weeks. Customized options you have selected may cause the manufacturing time to vary. Orders placed with multiple leagues will ship separately.

Please allow 3-10 additional business days for standard shipping or 1-2 ($9.95) additional business days for express shipping (additional $10).

Additional Questions?

If you have not recieved your order in within the anticipated delivery time, or if you have any questions, please contact us.

Changes and Cancellations

Please call 1.800.839.7125 to speak with a customer service representative about your order. Our regular business hours are 8:00 am - 5:00 pm CST, Monday through Friday.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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