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What options can I get on my ring?

Depending on the options available for your school's custom collection, you may be able to select:

Metal Choices

See Metal Choices.

Metal Finish

Antique Finish: This is the black detail applied to your ring.

Natural Finish: Enhances the luster of your gold ring.


Features symbols which represent your curriculum or major.


You can further personalize your ring by having either your initials or full name (availability depends on ring style) added to the inside of your graduation ring. Jostens reserves the right to refuse any and all orders containing offensive or inappropriate language as determined by Jostens.

Stone Color

See Stone Colors.

Stone Cut

Facet: Stone with "cuts" producing flat surfaces on top and bottom.
Example: Most diamonds ahve these "cuts" or facets on top.

Smooth: The surface of the stone is buff or smooth.

Sunburst: An effect created by actually cutting symmetrical grooves into the underside of the stone.

Encrusting: Old English Letter, Greek Letters, Special Emblem.

(Availability may vary by design.)

Accent Stones

See Accent Stones.

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