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What are the guidelines for uploading photos?

  • Maximum image height and width: 8000x8000 pixels 
  • Must be JPEG image format (.jpg, .jpeg, .jpe) 
  • Must be RGB or Grayscale Minimum of 107 DPI (dots per inch)
  • Images with 300 DPI will reproduce best 
  • File should not be saved with any special characters including extra periods in the name 
  • Photos must be loaded to the designer site first then can be dragged into photo box 
  • The school reserves the right to edit ads per their guidelines

How do I zoom/crop/reposition my photo once it’s placed in a photo box?

Once a photo has been placed in a photo box, you may zoom and crop a photo by using the magnifying glass icon found on the photo control bar (located directly above your placed photo). You can also reposition a photo within a photo box by clicking and dragging the placed photo to your new desired position

How do I remove an image from my layout?

You can remove a photo from your layout by selecting the photo and clicking on the button marked 'X' found on the photo control bar (located directly above your placed photo).

I got an error message saying I had exceeded the text limit of the text box. What should I do?

The Ad Designer reduces the font size as you type to allow the maximum amount of text to fit in the allotted area. If you get a text limit message, you must use the delete or backspace key to delete some text since the font size has already been reduced as much as possible.

Can I change my ad size and/or layout without losing my photos and text?

Yes. If you choose a different size and layout during your design session, your text and photos will fit into the new selected layout without losing your work.

After I submit and pay for my ad, can I go back and make edits?

No. You are not able to make additional edits once you have paid and submitted your ad. Please proof your work carefully before purchasing your ad.