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Email us anytime at or call us at 1-800-358-0800 Monday-Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm CST.

How does the school use the revenue from my ad?

The revenue from your ad is used by the school to improve the yearbook and help keep it affordable for everyone.

What does ‘This offer expires in # DAYS’ mean?

This information counts down the number of days you have remaining to complete and purchase your ad. If you do not purchase your ad by the school's offer deadline, your saved work on the ad will be lost and the ad will not appear in the yearbook.

Can I save my photos and text and return to complete it at a later date?

Yes, however you will need to return to purchase your ad by the school's offer deadline, which you can find posted on the Ad Designer toolbar.

Can I change my ad size and/or layout without losing my photos and text?

Yes, if you choose a different size and layout during your design session, your text and photos will fit into the new selected layout without losing your work.

To save your ad, click on the 'Save Draft' button on the toolbar of the Ad Designer.

How do I create an ad with a customized layout?

  • Choose the single photo template for the size Ad you want to purchase
  • Click on the Add photo button and select your jpg file
  • Slide the jpg file into the photo box and follow the process to checkout

Ads must be created in PhotoShop. Files should not be created in Microsoft PowerPoint or Word.

In order to fit the page correctly in your school’s yearbook please contact customer service for the correct size and dimensions to create your custom ad.

Ad file must be saved as a jpg file and be a minimum of 300 dpi.