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Jostens Class Rings Achiever® Collection


The Achiever® Collection includes some of our most popular rings. It's made for the student with multiple stories to tell and offers the most options for you to personalize your year, your moments and your memories.

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Jostens Class Rings Heritage® Collection


If retro simplicity speaks to you, then the Heritage® Collection is your style. Inspired by some of Jostens® class ring styles from 1906, the Heritage® Collection is traditional with a modern twist.

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Jostens Class Rings Luxe Collection


The Luxe Collection redefines what a class ring can be, blending iconic shapes and stones into modern classics that can be worn for years to come.

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Jostens Class Rings Varsity Collection


It takes hard work and dedication to reach your goals. Celebrate your achievement with our collection designed for those who never quit.

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Jostens Class Rings Signature® Collection


Style with a dash of attitude. The Signature® Collection was designed for self-expression with personalization options that let you be just a little bit more awesome than you already are.

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Jostens Class Rings Tradewinds® Collection


The Tradewinds® Collection offers a classic, simple and affordable selection of class rings.

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