Grad Club September Article


There’s nothing quite like back to school. From fear of the unknown to excitement for everything that lies ahead, you may be experiencing a multitude of emotions alongside your Senior. We understand your feelings will fluctuate during these uncertain times. That’s why we want to share a few tips for navigating the school year ahead.


Here’s how to maximize your Senior’s in-person school experience:

  1. Turn Parenting Into a Partnership: Make the most of this school year when you partner with your student from the very beginning. Plan to check in with your Senior regularly to see how they’re feeling and learn more about their evolving needs throughout the school year. Consistently connecting in a personal setting can make a huge difference.
  2. Sign Up for Something New: It’s easy to get stuck in an everyday routine, especially when school’s in session. Encourage your student to try tutoring or to learn a new instrument. Reassure your Senior how you want to help them learn and grow during this pivotal time in their lives. Your student might be surprised by their skills, and you may learn a thing or two along the way!
  3. Attend After-School Activities: Participating in after-school activities is an essential part of the high school experience. From pep rallies to school dances, band concerts and everything in between, motivate your student to experience these events with their fellow classmates and friends. Consider assisting Seniors modify these experiences with the proper precautions as needed, too.


Take a look below for a few tips to enhance your student’s virtual learning experience:

  1. Practice Makes Perfect: Test your technology beforehand to help eliminate confusion and calm fears on their first day and beyond. If a course requires the use of new software or systems, encourage your student to spend some time familiarizing themselves before the class begins. Share this experience with them to provide moral and technical support.
  2. Make Space for Your Student: Dedicate one area of your home to your Senior and their virtual learning experience. This may look like a designated corner in the living room or splitting time and space in your home office. No matter where your student works, make sure they’re comfortable, organized and free of distractions.
  3. The Time for Fun Is Now: Encourage your student to stay connected with classmates and have fun with friends outside of the digital classroom setting. Help them set aside time and set up virtual game nights or group streaming experiences. Work hard, play harder!


While not all students can physically be together this school year, students everywhere can still connect to share their Senior year experiences. Their final year is unlike any other because they’re living it, and that’s something worth celebrating no matter what. For instance, you can commemorate this historic year with Class of 2022 apparel as special as your student. We hope you feel supported as you inspire your students to make the most of their Senior year.