“What’s the plan for your Senior following graduation?” It’s the million-dollar question on everyone’s mind this school year. As a parent, you may feel the weight of this question and uncertainty just as much as your child. With so many paths to choose from, we understand this decision can feel daunting. Keep reading to learn how to simplify this process.


Create a Pros and Cons List: This may sound simple, but a pros-and-cons list is a powerful decision-making tool available to anyone. Start by talking to your student to learn more about their interests, passions, and aspirations for life after graduation – Are they interested in traveling abroad? Have they considered joining the military or starting their own business? Do they thrive in a traditional school setting, or would they benefit from an unconventional education? Then, take some time to help them understand their options, including the benefits and considerations to take to heart. Pro Tip: Consider handwriting this list alongside your student so they can reference and update it throughout their Senior year.


Spend Time Telling Stories: Most people would agree, learning-by-doing is a tried-and-true method for gaining valuable life experience. Share an overview of your personal journey with your student. Tell them stories about taking risks and overcoming trials from throughout this pivotal time in your life. This may spark some inspiration for your Senior and allow you to impart some wisdom as you share this decision-making process. Pro Tip: Keep the conversation going! Sprinkle anecdotes throughout the school year to keep this decision top of mind.


Check Back Again Soon: Now that you’ve planted the seed, it’s essential to nurture your Senior. Reassure your student you will support them no matter their decision. Share the steps you plan to take to help your Senior along their education, career, or alternative path. Re-visit the conversation often and continue expressing your investment in their best interests. Following through your promises to your student and their advancement will encourage them as they determine their next steps. Pro Tip: Set aside time to chat over special one-on-one activity once a month to relieve some pressure and make this decision more fun.


As you and your Senior look forward to the future, don’t forget to enjoy the here and now! Bonus Tip: For the ultimate stress-free celebration, check out Jostens all-inclusive grad packages. From Senior apparel and accessories to Commencement Day essentials, everything your student needs for their best year ever is right here in one convenient place. Shop your school’s packages now.


No matter the steps – Your friends at Jostens can’t wait to see what you and your Senior do next!