Kindness comes in many forms big and small. With National Kindness Day being in February, we have compiled some simple ways for you to incorporate kind gestures into day-to-day activities with your Senior. These seemingly small tasks can have a big impact on those around them and can have lasting impacts on the people on the receiving end, making these great life lessons for your Senior to take with them into college and the rest of their lives.


  1. Start each day with a positive affirmation or quote about kindness with your child to start their day off on the right foot each morning. Being kind to yourself is an important first step to being kind to those around you.
  2. Bake cookies or cupcakes at home with your Senior for your child to pass out in class to bring some cheer to everyone’s day.
  3. Help your teen write thank you notes for their teachers. Teachers do so much and deserve a special thank you for all their hard work. Make sure to check out Jostens full line of thank you notes!
  4. Set aside some time once a month to volunteer with your Senior. Dedicate a few hours on a Saturday to helping a local food bank or animal shelter to help make a difference in your community.
  5. Remind your teen to smile at other students and teachers they pass in the hallway. Set a good example by doing the same when you pass others in a store or on the sidewalk.
  6. Practice being kind to the Earth and the environment by recycling regularly at home.