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Metal Choices

What are the different metal choices?

  • White Lustrium® - This Jostens exclusive metal blend is a durable and affordable silver-toned metal.

  • SunCast™ - A 23K layered gold coating applied over a white Lustrium base ring.

  • ShadowCast® - A diamond-like carbon coating adds a rich-black finish to a white Lustrium ring.

  • FireCast™ - This unique coating is achieved through a vapor deposition to add the copper-like color on top of a white Lustrium ring.

  • CamoCast™ - Camouflage pattern applied using a proprietary coating process to our white Lustrium ring.

  • Silver Elite® - A Jostens proprietary metal. A bright white luster primarily composed of silver with elements of precious metals, including palladium, and rhodium plating for durability and shine.

  • DualCast® Yellow - Combines the timeless beauty of 10K yellow gold accents with the strength of white Lustrium for a unique, two-tone look.

  • DualCast® White - A durable and brilliant blending of 10K white gold accents on a white Lustrium base ring, resulting in a lustrous metal combination.

  • Solaris Elite™ - Our patent-pending yellow blend metal is a combination of precious metals, including silver, and non-precious metals to create a beautiful, brilliant and durable solid metal.

  • Sterling Silver - Sterling silver is an alloy of silver containing 92.5 percent silver and 7.5 percent other metals, including copper.

  • White Gold & Yellow Gold - Nothing stands the test of time like gold. Its durability ensures lasting value over time. Note: The higher the karat, the higher the percentage of gold in your ring.

*Nickel is included in the following metal mixes: Lustrium® and all white gold.

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