Cap & Gown Types

Fine Quality Regalia

Our Fine Quality gowns are designed in accordance with the Academic Costume Code and are customized to fit the physical stature and academic status perfectly. Available for Doctor, Master and Bachelor degrees.

Doctors' Tams

  • Custom-tailored for the perfect fit.
  • Constructed from plush velvet.
  • Available in four, six and eight-sided pieced or plain (4-sided not available in pieced).


  • Detailed in accordance with the Academic Costume Code.
  • Dimensions are determined by degree levels.
  • Inner lining indicates institution that awarded the degree.
  • Velvet color band signifies the field of study.


  • Doctor’s degree tassels are of three inch gold bullion or gold silky.

BDG Regalia

Jostens’ BDG caps and gowns are made of 100% textured polyester for lightweight breathability The convenient wrinkle-free matte finish requires less maintenance, resulting in longer life and enduring color. Our graduation caps feature: Colors identical to our gowns One size fits most Tassel comes with graduation year date.


Tassel specifications are available at the Academic Costume Code website

For those with a Bachelor's or Master's degree, a black tassel is worn, or the color appropriate for a specific degree. The old gold tassel or the optional three-inch gold bullion tassel signifies a Doctor's degree. 

Typically, your Cap Gown can be ordered from your college through either the bookstore or another office on campus. Please contact your college or the Jostens representative responsible for your college.

All of Jostens hoods are generously proportioned and distinctively detailed, in accordance with the specifications detailed in the Academic Costume Code. Hood dimensions are determined by degree levels. The inner lining indicates the institution that awarded the degree, and the velvet color band signifies the field study of the degree.

  1. Put hood on over head with velvet side up and with small tapered end in front.
  2. If hood has a cord and button, attach the hood neck cord over shirt button before closing gown, to prevent hood from riding against neck.
  3. Obtain assistance to secure cord across the back to keep the back of hood together.

Hood specifications are available at the Academic Costume Code website.

This unique regalia carries a strong environmental story while preserving the elegance and tradition of graduation. The fabric used in the Elements Collectionª cap, gown and hood shell is scientifically proven to completely biodegrade. Visit for additional information.

Upon receipt of your graduation gown, promptly remove it from the packaging and hang it up. To remove wrinkles, you may choose to press with a cool iron, use a steamer or hang gown in a steamy room.

Changes & Cancellations

If you placed your order through your school's bookstore please contact the bookstore directly for further assistance with your order.

If you placed your order by phone or online please call 1.800.854.7464, ext. 17107 within 24 hours of order placement.

Changes and cancellations are not allowed after 24 hours.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Manufacturing & Delivery

Shipping Lead Time

BDG, Elements and Rental ships within 3-4 weeks of order.

Fine Quality ships within 6-8 weeks of order.

Manufacturing & Delivery

For all deliveries, please allow 3-5 additional business days for standard shipping or 1-2 additional business days for express shipping..

For orders shipped directly to the consumer, rates vary by destination, not by quantity.

Prices shown in US dollars cover Packaging, Handling, and Delivery charges. Express shipping is also available for an additional fee of $20 for college regalia.

Additional Questions?

If you have not recieved your order in within the anticipated delivery time, or if you have any questions, please contact us.

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