Custom High School Class Rings

Make it all about you

No one knows your high school story better than you. That’s why Jostens puts the creative power in your hands with Ring Designer™. Combine your achievements, your senior class, your interests—everything you’re a part of—all in one ring.  It’s a unique symbol of who you are, where you’ve been and where you’re headed.

Your experiences along the way

High school is a time when you get to figure out what you’re really into. Maybe it’s sports. Maybe it’s academics. Or maybe it’s skateboarding. Whatever it is, you can capture it in your class ring.

If you’ve had fun making your class ring, there’s a way that you can get involved and help others create their personalized ring – you can be a part of the Student Committee. Contact your Jostens representative to learn how to become a committee member.

The class ring experience culminates with a Delivery Event when your ring arrives. Some schools have a ceremony where students and their families dress up, and the parents formally present their son or daughter with their class ring. Each school’s celebration is as unique as the creations that get delivered that day.

Wear it your way

Traditionally, the class ring is worn on the ring finger of your right hand. But today, it’s all about your own unique style. You can wear your class ring on a chain as a necklace. Or you can design your ring to wear on any finger on either hand. It’s all up to you.

The elements of your design


When you’re ready to create your personalized class ring, you’ll start by choosing your style. For a traditional style, check out the Achiever Collection. Or maybe you want a modern twist with the Voice Collection. With so many collections to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect starting point.


Choose from yellow metal, white metal or a combination of both to create your unique design. Then consider whether you’d like an antique finish for a vintage look or a satin finish for a more modern look.


High School Class Ring Stones

The stone you choose says a lot about you, so you don’t have to stick to choosing your school color or birthstone. Make a statement with a color that really means something to you.


Choose from hundreds of Design-A-Sides that symbolize your activities or interests. The number of available Design-A-Sides that you select from depends on the style you start with.


You can also personalize your ring with your name or initials engraved on the inside of the band. Most ring styles also allow you to add your name, school name and/or mascot name to the sides of your class ring.

The Jostens Class Ring Tradition

Since 1906, students have worn Jostens class rings as a visual symbol that they are graduating with their class. Class rings are seen as a combination of showing school pride and an outward symbol of the diploma.

A Jostens class ring is a lot more. It’s a creation. An achievement. An experience. Our rings are a profound school tradition and a symbol that motivates students to graduate with their senior class. It’s symbol of personal growth upon the entrance into another life stage and a fond farewell to commemorate another. And it’s a unique personal expression that ties everyone together.