Your Story. Set In Stone. 

Class rings are designed to celebrate your story — where you’ve been and all that you’ve achieved. And our Natural Genuine Elements Stones do just that. Globally sourced, these naturally elegant stones allow you to share your journey in new and unique ways.

Available on select Achiever® Heritage® and Signature® rings.

Carnelian and Hematite

These exotic treasures come from Brazil, where we select the finest stones and apply natural metal oxides and heat to enhance their inner beauty. Carnelian is rumored to bring good luck and Hematite is said to keep you grounded. What could be better?

Lapis and Jade

Lapis and Jade have been the favorites of royalty in Europe and Asia for thousands of years. Sourced from Russia, China and the Himalayas, these fine stones are found in hundreds of varieties and colors. Both are known for bringing wisdom. A little extra never hurts!

Turquoise and Dinosaur Bone

Brightly colored and uniquely textured, these U.S.-sourced stones have been around since ancient times. Dinosaur Bone is composed of cells that were fossilized with precious minerals. While Turquoise is linked to creativity, some say Dinosaur Bone can improve memory (perfect for exam time!).

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