Jostens honors its commitment to conduct business responsibly and with the environment in mind. One goal that's equally as important is that everyone understands what that promise means. Below you’ll find a list of facts related to our responsibility of creating an environmentally friendly company.

Sustainable Packaging

For the past several years Jostens has been striving to have most cardboard packaging. Many marketing materials and some product package inserts are now printed using soy ink.

Sustainable Product Development

Jostens is incorporating sustainability reviews as a key component of a new product development process. Our goal is to ensure that every new product that we bring to market maximizes its potential for sustainable options in materials, manufacturing processes, packaging, marketing options and end of life disposal.

Jostens also diligently reviews existing and impending environmental regulations in all areas of our operations and product marketing to ensure full compliance.

Third Party Certifications

Jostens strives to validate its environmental efforts with credible organizations and interest groups that are able to certify our progress to greater environmental sustainability. To date, we have been able to achieve several important certifications and recognitions.

Mission and Policy

Our environmental mission is to inspire and lead the way we think and act as a business by making innovative and responsible decisions in harmony with our environment, for present and future generations.

We are exploring opportunities to benchmark and work with other leading companies, communities, non-governmental agencies and professional organizations to help articulate, teach and advance the principles of environmental sustainability.

Regulatory Compliance

We strive to ensure complete and continuous compliance with all applicable environmental and safety regulatory standards.


We recycle consumables, reduce waste and practice energy reduction in all our manufacturing and administrative facilities.

We utilize energy management systems in 6 of 9 operational facilities to date with goals to expand.

3rd Party Certifications, Awards and Recognition

United States Environmental Protection Agency ENERGY STAR certification for Minneapolis Corporate Headquarters Building.

NGO Participation

Participant and supporter of the Earthworks No Dirty Gold Campaign, ensuring and promoting responsible gold mining.

Jostens also contributes annual to the Nature Conservancy through our Elements Collection™ give-back program. To learn more and see our contribution to date CLICK HERE.