Sustainable Facilities

Jostens is committed to conserving the environment by taking responsible actions at all our operational and administrative facilities. We continue to focus on methods to reduce our environmental footprint and set meaningful and achievable carbon reduction goals. We believe what we can measure, we can improve.

Energy Efficiency

Jostens corporate headquarters in Minneapolis is in an ENERGY STAR United States EPA certified building. This certification is the mark of superior energy performance and identifies our building along with the most energy efficient in the nation. By opting to house our corporate headquarters in an ENERGY STAR certified building, Jostens is actively preventing the release of greenhouse gases and thereby aiding in the protection of the environment.

Recycling Paper

Average saved by Jostens per year:

  • 6051 tons of waste paper
  • Equivalent to growing 354717 tree seedlings for 10 years
  • 900,000 trash bags of waste recycled instead of landfilled

Recycling Aluminum/Litho Plates

Average saved by Jostens per year:

  • 1 million lbs of aluminum recycled
  • 2 million lbs of greenhouse gas reductions

Source: U.S. EPA Durable Goods Calculator, WARM Calculator