The Elements Collection®

Graduate Wearing Elements™ Collection Cap & Gown

Superior graduation regalia that combines environmental responsibility with premium quality and elegant design.

What Will This Generation’s Legacy Be?

It is our obligation to leave this world better than we found it. This drives us to think differently and change our ways. Although the decisions are not always easy and the right choices are often not clear, we strive to do our best.

We invite you to join Jostens on a journey to greater environmental responsibility. By choosing the Elements Collection regalia, you will be making an important difference for your school and the larger community. Now that’s the legacy worth leaving.

Environmental Responsibility 

  • Fabric fiber from renewable, managed forests
  • Fabric shown in scientific tests to biodegrade under controlled conditions*
  • Fabric is a certified biobased product
  • Eco-Zip™ coil zipper
  • Student give-back program

This unique regalia carries an environmental story whi​le preserving the elegance and tradition of graduation. The fabric used in the Elements Collection cap, gown, and hood shell is a certified biobased product and has been shown in scientific tests to biodegrade under controlled conditions.*

*In a laboratory test conducted by an independent testing facility in accordance with ASTM D5511 and ISO 15985, biodegradation of 85.5% was achieved within 2 months under specific temperature and humidity conditions. Results under different conditions or at landfills in your area may vary and continued decomposition rates are unknown.

The Elements Collection supports sustainable sourcing practices. The wood pulp used to manufacture the Elements Collection fabric is sourced exclusively from renewable managed forests and the gown zipper tape and teeth are made from 100% recycled PET.

The purchase of the gown offers graduates an opportunity to give back to the environment by responding to Jostens. For every response received, Jostens donates $1 to an environmental sustainability project.  Learn more about the Elements Collection Student Give-Back Program.

Premium Quality 

  • rich color
  • excellent drape
  • superior comfort
  • softness and breathability

The Elements Collection cap and gown is offered in ten rich colors. Jostens took particular care in developing stunning colors that represent the most popular choices. Each color is specifically formulated for Jostens to provide unique sheen, color uniformity and wrinkle resistance.

The Elements Collection hood incorporates customer feedback to achieve quality that provides comfort while truly complementing the gown features.

Elegant Design 

  • unique design elements
  • stunning tailored appearance
  • perfect fit

The Elements Collection gown design is a perfect combination of traditional classic style and modern elegance. It features unique pleats complemented with simple front panel design. The gown is offered for Associate, Bachelor, Master and Doctorate degrees.

The Elements Collection hood strikes a unique balance of exceptional look and superior fit with many premium options included in the standard offering.

 Breathability: The Comfort Study conducted by The Environmental Research Institute at Kansas State University concluded that compared to polyester garment linings, acetate linings are perceived as considerably more comfortable. To download the complete study, visit

 PET (polyethylene terephthalate)