People & Culture

Jostens is committed to educating employees about the impact of their daily activities on the environment and providing as well as sponsoring opportunities for employees to take active steps in making a meaningful positive difference.

A Jostens team that is developing and refining a framework to reinforce our position as an environmentally conscientious industry leader. The team deploys a balanced strategy that focuses on earth-friendly designs for products, employee awareness and engagement and energy-conserving operational efforts.

Employee Environmental Sustainability Pledge

In addition to Jostens efforts, many of our employees have pledged to do their part to support environmental sustainability and make a difference for Jostens, our customers and our environment.

Earth Day

Jostens celebrates Earth Day every year, with participation steadily growing with the support and involvement of the Green GRADS team and Jostens Environmental Champions. 2011 marked the first year where the majority of our facilities celebrated this world-wide event.

Being Green Starts in the Office

Jostens corporate headquarters and other administrative facilities have taken several environmental actions over the last 2 years in support of our sustainability mission:

  • Offices equipped with LED efficient lights and motion detectors
  • Styrofoam removed from lunch rooms and replaced with environmentally friendly utensils
  • Plastic bottles in vending machines replaced with recyclable cans
  • Recycling containers in all conference rooms, common areas and lunch rooms
  • Document clean up days held at corporate and other facilities resulting in the recycling of over 20 tons of paper

Jostens is deploying an internal print management process to further reduce our paper and energy consumption. Since 2008, Jostens has taken multiple steps to reduce our carbon footprint through improved operational processes and manufacturing efficiencies.


Jostens is committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment for our employees and to avoiding adverse impact and injury to our employees, the environment and the communities in which we do business. We provide training to ensure employees understand and comply with all applicable environmental, health and safety laws, regulations and company standards.

Beyond this basic compliance, Jostens has systems in place to continually evaluate work conditions to identify and minimize hazards inherent to the manufacturing environment. Employees are an active part of safety processes through employee safety committees, training programs, audit and awareness tools and other key indicators of the safety process. This preventative-minded approach has resulted in injury rates far lower than the industry average – with a focus on continually improving as we move forward.