Jostens is committed to a consistent and easily applicable approach to new sustainable product development. Existing product stewardship allows us to evaluate and take steps towards reducing the product's environmental impact at each stage of its life.

Sustainable Products

The Elements Collection®
Jostens Elements Collection® is an environmentally responsible cap and gown that carries a strong environmental story while preserving the elegance and tradition of graduation. Learn more

Paper Products
Paper is a key raw material used for many Jostens products such as diplomas, announcements, yearbooks and memory books. As a result, Jostens is committed to working with its customers in making environmentally educated choices about paper.

Class Rings
Jostens practices sustainable and socially responsible methods in manufacturing. We are committed to working with third party suppliers who practice responsible sourcing. Not only is it our corporate responsibility, it's the right thing to do.

Sustainable Packaging

For the past several years Jostens has been striving to have most cardboard packaging. Many marketing materials and some product package inserts are now printed using soy ink.

Sustainable Product Development

Jostens is incorporating sustainability reviews as a key component of a new product development process. Our goal is to ensure that every new product that we bring to market maximizes its potential for sustainable options in materials, manufacturing processes, packaging, marketing options and end of life disposal.

Jostens also diligently reviews existing and impending environmental regulations in all areas of our operations and product marketing to ensure full compliance.

Third Party Certifications

Jostens strives to validate its environmental efforts with credible organizations and interest groups that are able to certify our progress to greater environmental sustainability. To date, we have been able to achieve several important certifications and recognitions.

Recognition and Thanks from Asset Recovery Corporation, the Tekne Green Company Award Winner
In 2011, Jostens received a plaque of deep appreciation for their commitment to the environment from Asset Recovery Corporation. Asset Recovery provides 'End-of-life Solutions' for Computers and Electronics, and won the Green Award at the 2010 Tekne Awards.

ENERGY STAR Certification
Jostens corporate headquaters in Minneapolis, MN is in an ENERGY STAR certified building.